• Customized Moulded Bobbins Customized Moulded Bobbins
  • Press Components Press Components
  • Transformers Lamination Transformers Lamination
  • Switchgear Stampings & Magnets Switchgear Stampings & Magnets
  • Strip Lamination Strip Lamination
  • Toroidal Cores Toroidal Cores
  • Mitred Laminations Mitred Laminations
  Why us ?
  Reliable Products You Can Count On

Finding Products differs from finding reliable Products. We Delivery high Quality and cost-effective Products. We guarantee 99.9% provide quality products with reliability being a great priority.
  Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer is truly our number one priority. We want our customers to be confident in our in using our product and we will go the extra mile to make sure our customer is satisfied and smiling, of course! Our customers rely on us and we thrive on their success.
  Competitively Priced yet truly affordable!

Our Product prices are incredibly affordable but the features are fully loaded. Our Products are cost-effective still Reliable upto the standards.
  Transcon India people have realized and adopted new values through flexible thinking and bold actions.
Transcon India meets customers' expectations by making decisions quickly and implementing them speedily.
Transcon India  acts fairly, working to adhere to world rules and to understand different cultures.
Transcon India  functions as teams of professionals seeking to refine their specialist skills.
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